I am a philosopher, mystic, writer, poet and artist who used to be a scientist. I am also a husband, father, brother and friend. My present life started when I retired from academia in June 2017.

I had an academic career as a logician and computer scientist. Until my retirement I was a Senior Researcher at CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam, and professor of computational semantics at ILLC (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation), Amsterdam. Until november 2011 I was professor of computational linguistics at Uil-OTS (Research Institute for Language and Speech), Utrecht. I used to teach Software Specification and Testing in the Master of Software Engineering curriculum at the University of Amsterdam. I am former scientific director of the Dutch Research School in Logic (1997 – 2002). I am a former employee of SRI-International (Cambridge UK Laboratory), where I was involved in the design of an industrial scale natural language processing project. Before that, I held an associate professorship at the University of Tilburg. I have a PhD from the University of Groningen (1985). My work related web page is here.