How can the man of your desire

Posted on October 28, 2017

How can the man of your desire
appear to you if those who mock you
in your fierceness are not chased away?

You must cast them out with all your force
and allow stillness to return in your inner temple
so that you can be yourself enough.

And in that silence it will dawn on you
how splendid you are in your deep desire.
For this is where it has to start: that you
can see yourself as you truly are.

Your rowdy mob of ill suited suitors
will then disperse all of itself,
for ultimately they are scared of you,
afraid of your power and your fire,
so much more than their match you are,
and deserving so much better.

Become aware that the true one
who can hold you in your fire exists
and is worth waiting for.

A warp of subtle fragrance of your being
will then pervade the universe, cast a line
of sweet scented essence as a secret sign.

The splendid man that you deserve
can now wake up, and start the quest
for what his body mind and spirit guessed
and find it as he becomes aware
of you in your full glow and glare.

Good men may be scarce,
but the rare metal of your soul is too,
and one, the perfect one for you, will do.

Allow that man who is just right
to show himself, lured by your sight
attracted, seduced and captured
by the danger of your darkness
and the lustre of your light.

And let the jolting yellow current
of deep resonance be fuel to the fire
that you already know so well.

May your double star then rise and shine
for the benefit of many, living sign
of truth and love and inspiration.