A Collection of Gender Tweets, In Case Twitter Dies

Posted on November 23, 2022

Let’s start with the mother of all gender tweets (from Dec 19, 2019):

J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling

Dress however you please.
Call yourself whatever you like.
Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you.
Live your best life in peace and security.
But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?
#IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill

The following are all recent.

Duchess, Lucy @duchess_elle

As a transsexual I stand with @jk_rowling

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

A man’s beliefs about his internal “gender identity” have exactly zero impact on women’s perceptions, comfort, safety, and sexuality. Only a completely deluded narcissist could think his feelings trump our reality, and those are the scariest men.

Eliza Mondegreen @elizamondegreen

If a troubled young person showed up at an emergency room demanding that their healthy kidney be cut out or else, everyone would see that that young person needs help for their mental health crisis. The last thing a responsible doctor would do is prep the patient for surgery.

Eliza Mondegreen @elizamondegreen

What’s different about a troubled patient demanding a double mastectomy or an orchiectomy? Only that their request is dressed up in the latest moral fashions, so it’s harder to see for what it is: a pathology in need of help, not a human-rights crusade in need of realization.

Stephen Knight @GSpellchecker

Just today I’ve been accused of ‘transphobia’ for saying I don’t believe that someone who uses their penis to rape people is a woman. Then someone accused me of being ‘hate-filled’ for not believing that men menstruate.

This ideology is utterly bonkers, isn’t it?

Sharron Davies MBE @sharrond62

If a very average male athlete can ID as a woman & go to number one, as with Lia Thomas, it’s as obvious on the nose of any transgender face, that’s cheating to win with male puberty advantage.

Watson @ImWatson91

When we see a white woman pretending to be a black woman, we are understandably offended.

When we see an able bodied man pretending to be a disabled man, we are understandably offended.

What makes a man pretending to be a woman any different?

Sarah Phillimore @SVPhillimore

It is not a ‘human right’ to claim supremacy over all others. It is not a human right to be so consistently dishonest about the views and motivations of those who challenge your narcissistic entitlement.

Róisín Michaux @RoisinMichaux

The big trans lobby groups are commissioning expensive reports to find out who is behind growing anti-gender sentiment.

Mate, I can tell you already for free: everybody. Everybody thinks it’s bollocks, even more so because you called us fascists for even asking questions.

Helen Staniland @helenstaniland

Transactivists really do love the narcissistic victim narrative, even if it means fabricating a whole spin where women who mildly say no to a violation of our boundaries are the real dark hearted villains to the principled stand of our hero.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Please stop conflating objective sex with subjective gender. It is harming the rights of women and LGB people and confusing children.

Biology denialism is an assault on science and the Enlightenment. Replacing facts & reason with narcissistic entitlement is not progress.

Shape Shifter @ShifterofShapes

Trans Patient: I am depressed, suicidal and hate my body.

Gender Doctors: Have you tried cutting off some body parts?

Colin Wright @SwipeWright

Sex is to gender as astronomy is to astrology.

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

Calling sex denialism “anti-scientific” is too generous. You don’t need science to know there are two sexes any more than you need science to know that humans have two legs. If you are denying something that is self-evident, you are a liar and you have bad motives.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Once we accept that no one can be “born in the wrong body”, the next step is to ask:

Whose interests are served, and whose interests are harmed, by promoting the quasi-religious belief that some people are “born in the wrong body”?

Leor Sapir @LeorSapir

2023 will be the year of:

Leor Sapir @LeorSapir Replying to @LeorSapir

We won’t do it by manipulating language, gaslighting the public, bribing policymakers, capturing knowledge gatekeeping institutions, or suppressing speech. We’ll do it by making rational, evidence-based arguments and encouraging trans activists to put their best claims forward.

Hadley Freeman @HadleyFreeman

Gender ideology is not a men’s rights movement. It just says that women aren’t allowed to define themselves, prioritise their needs, vocalise their concerns, discuss their experiences, have single sex spaces, wear colours of their choosing or hold events about any of the above.

leylaboulton @leylaboulton

Replying to @HadleyFreeman

If people feel they have to issue violent threats (pull that event or else!) to support a point of view, that suggests there is something very fragile or wrong about that point of view.

James Cantor @JamesCantorPhD

The number of sexes equals the number of biological parents.

Adam @LordAdam5

My pronouns are “transwomenaremen / transmenarewomen”.

If you don’t use them I’ll kill myself.

Your move, trans people.

James Sharman @JamesSharmanGY

I’ve decided I’m non-binary.

I don’t know what that means but that’s OK because neither do you. Nobody does.

Now call me brave and pretend it makes me interesting.

Xaviaer DuRousseau @XAVIAERD

You know what’s worse than being called “transphobic?”

Going down in history as someone who sat by and said nothing about CHILDREN being medically castrated and surgically mutilated all for the sake of “acceptance.”

I’d rather be called a bigot than a bystander.

Sarah Summers @SarahSurviving

About consent. Some women consent to having sex with men and some women don’t. Some women consent to treating males in women’s rape crisis centers as if they were female and some women don’t. Consent is a woman’s boundary to set. If consent is enforced it’s not consent.

Alexis Naomi @AlexisNaomiii

Sex isn’t assigned at birth, it is observed and documented.

TheFamousArtistBirdyRose @TheFamousArtBR

Stephen Fry saying “my trans friends are deeply upset by JK Rowling” is a good example of what a lot of us have to put up with - your supposed “friend” prioritising the FEELINGS of their other more important holy friends, even after witnessing those same holy friends attack you.

Julie Bindel @bindelj

It’s a pity Stephen Fry is doing the ‘six of one and half a dozen of the other’ over the gender war. Coppers often say this about domestic violence. He’s put her through years of hell, beaten her to a pulp, raped and staked her. She shouted back at him, hoping he would stop.

Read some Piaget please! @prof_curiosity1

Two faith reliant belief systems.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Replying to @prof_curiosity1

A gender identity enthusiast recently compared mind/spirit to software running on the body as hardware…. Quite disturbing.

Lorelei @hatpinwoman

“Trans biology” is ideology that self identifies as biology.

Jim Richmond @JimRich27494071

At times I have reached for historical examples to understand gender mass hysteria, comparing it to repressed memory syndrome, lobotomies, or the witch trials centuries ago. None of these analogies are up to the task. Mass gender hysteria is in a class of its own.

Mia @_CryMiaRiver

You could have every single one of us arrested for hate crimes, and men still wouldn’t be women.

Taylor Silverman @tmsilverman

When I was growing up, if someone would have told me it’d be considered brave to say what a woman is in 2022… I doubt I would have believed it.

Taylor Silverman @tmsilverman

Allowing children to be groomed by gender ideologists is abuse.

Angie Jones @angijones

I have been involved in women’s crisis services for nearly 3 decades. Angry men have been trying to shut us down the whole time but they never succeeded until they hid in the Trojan Horse called “Trans Rights”

Taylor Silverman @tmsilverman

Parents telling their daughters to shut up and deal with males in their sports is abusive. #SaveWomensSports

Taylor Silverman @tmsilverman

For every antisemitic and misogynistic Instagram message I get from trans rights activists bullies, I get hundreds from parents telling me how grateful they are for everything I’ve done to help #SaveWomensSports

‘The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast’ is on all platforms @DrDebraSoh

Whenever I see pictures of a girl with a double mastectomy, I wonder what the smiling parent in the photo is really thinking.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

Right, I’m done.

3 months ago, I was tasked with writing an article detailing “20 Transphobic JK Rowling Quotes We’re Done With”

After 12 weeks of reading her books, tweets, full essay & finding the context of these “quotes”, I’ve not found a single truly transphobic message.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

In the process, I peaked.

JK Rowling is not an “intolerable transphobe”, she’s a (talented) woman who could have sat back & been beloved forever, but looked around & paid attention as the intersection of trans rights and women’s rights has had understandable growing pains.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

In many cases, one groups rights are being sacrificed for the other, with the most vulnerable women often paying the price. Here in Britain, we always want to support both sides but realise that in some cases (like DV Shelters), that is impossible.

And JK was paying attention.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

JK saw the loopholes being created & knew that women needed a voice. So instead of sitting back & wishing everyone well, said “It’s got to be me, hasn’t it?”. She did something terrifying & amazing & used her voice, I suspect knowing damn well what was to come.

That’s bravery.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

3 months of dedicated research & I cannot find a single truly transphobic JK Rowling quote that stands up against the scrutiny of journalistic integrity.

The abuse JK has endured is beyond forgiveness. Every death threat, r*pe threat & torrent of abuse, she has born w/ grace.

E J Rosetta @ejrosetta

Shame on those who have framed her under the guise of “reporting” when you must know, deep down, you are just chucking out clickbait & stirring up hate. Shame on those who followed that propaganda without critical thought.

You’re burning the wrong witch. I stand with @jk_rowling

J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling

Thank you, @ejrosetta

Amid all the madness, this truly made my day.

Amy Alkon @amyalkon

JK Rowling has been massively, terribly, unfairly abused, and here’s a person of integrity who didn’t just pile on.

There are good people in the world, and like @EJRosetta, you have a choice, and you can be one of them. Fair, honest, truth-seeking.

Andrew Doyle @andrewdoyle_com

J.K. Rowling has NEVER expressed any anti-trans views. Yet so many working in the media have convinced themselves otherwise.

Lazy journalism only explains so much. This is a kind of collective hysteria, one that will no doubt fascinate future historians.

Gia Milinovich @giagia

ring-ring ring-ring

“Good morning, Cats Protection. How may I help you?”

“Why do you hate dogs?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Why do you hate dogs, you disgusting scumbag?!”

“Er… I’m… not… We’re Cats Protection.”

“You are hateful, evil vermin and should be eradicated!!!”

Kathleen Stock @Docstockk

I’m just a fairly moderate writer on women’s rights, based in a different country to the US, keen to state and restate that trans people deserve protection, absolutely begging you to sort your mummy issues out.

Quote Tweet

belshah (any pronouns) @willbelshah

hi @jk_rowling @bindelj @Docstockk @MForstater @StandingforXX @LGBAlliance_USA @ALLIANCELGB @RosieDuffield1 @joannaccherry are you going to take responsibility for your role in the Colorado shooting in which 5 LGBTQ+ people were murdered?

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

When we urge people to think for one second that a convicted rapist who declares she/her pronouns in prison might not be so genuine, we are horrible terfs responsible for a genocide. But now, the “pronouns are mandatory, not preferred” crowd wants to weasel out of their own rules.

Quote Tweet

𝕸𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 @punishedmother

The shooter’s mother used he/him pronouns last week and in a video he filmed last year he refers to himself as “your boy”.

Do you really think a guy who would shoot up a gay bar wouldn’t pretend he’s non-binary to get off hate crime charges or hurt this community further?

Colin Wight @colwight

In terms of the trans debate, the only thing you need to ask yourself is: how many women you’re prepared to sacrifice for the delusions of men that think they’re women? Sacrifice in sports, prisons, jobs, awards etc. If your answer is more than 0, you’re probably a misogynist.

The final tweet is in Dutch:

Christine @Xtien

Er is geen “transhaat”. Er is oppositie tegen een wet die zegt dat een man een vrouw is. Trans-activisten hebben geen argumenten in dat debat dus framen ze feministen als transhaters. Transactivisten haten mensen die wel argumenten hebben. Sneue lui die transactivisten, erg sneu.


There is no “trans hate.” There is opposition to a law that says a man is a woman. Trans activists have no arguments in that debate so they frame feminists as trans haters. Trans activists hate people who do have arguments. Pathetic people those trans activists, very pathetic.