Gender Tweets (3)

Posted on January 12, 2023

My latest harvest of gender tweets. Never underestimate twitter as a source of wisdom.

Róisín Michaux @RoisinMichaux

Transition is not a good treatment for autogynephilia. It’s like saying shooting up heroin is a good treatment for a heroin addiction.

Sammy, MSc @NeuroSGS

If we could diagnose gender dysphoria with a brain scan, is this something the trans community would actually want?

We hear the beloved “opposite sexed brain” argument a lot, but I’ve also heard that a test for “true” gender dysphoria would be transphobic.

So which is it?

4W @4WPub

Allegedly, a trans-identified man sported an erection while waiting for a waxing session at a salon in Brazil. When asked to leave, he started filming the interaction and is now suing the salon.

Jane, Empress of the Known Universe (but not a GP) @blablafishcakes

“OK immigrant female, just move my erection aside with your hands & spread wax on my balls. Whatcha mean it’s abusive? If you refuse to do as I say, this is a hate crime! I’ll report you to the authorities! My penis is a woman’s penis because I’m a woman!”

GayLumberjack @gay_lumberjack

I don’t remember the old fashioned gay and lesbian community of the past 50 years having anywhere near the amount of cultural power the trans activists have accrued in just the past five years.

Ann @Anne_on_gd

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

It’s because the LGB never had this kind of (medical) dollar signs attached to their “identity”. Gays never promised males entrance to women’s and girls’ single sex spaces either.

Henrietta @Henriet06948348

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

My thoughts entirely. Almost as if Autogynephile straight men and drug companies were driving this gravy train!

kate c @katec1956

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

It’s a symptom of bad men, used to getting their way, taking notes. They saw what worked & what didn’t, with the end goal of playing society to believe that they, somehow, own the corner share of pain and suffering. Also backed by big pharma. Capitalistic efficiency at work.

Ms Sal @sparkycloud

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

We got to a point where things were getting better nowhere near perfect and now we are back to the worst sort of homophobia. Woke homophobia.

Ae Fond Ms @aefondms

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

I remember visibility rising (quite rightly), but LGB people never tried to affect anyone else’s rights or degrade another group’s lives. Acceptance rose, as did education on same sex attraction.

Rachel Sharp @rachel_sharp_

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

Because they didn’t have billions of porn industry money behind them.

SimmyMc @mc_simmy

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

That’s because we just wanted to be free to get on with our lives without banging on about our sexuality The TQ+ is straight white people who want to validation of their kinks and fetishes whether real or made up! The idea they represent Trans people is laughable! #LGBDropTheTQ+

Davie Oi @DavieAdams69

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

Is it a coincidence that it’s only recently that it’s seemingly super important to involve children in their community?

Jared Hill @HillJaredM

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

Its the old story an organization meeting their goal and not wanting to die out turn their focus onto something else. Once achieved gay marriage they lost their purpose but had lots of money and refocused on trans rights. Thus the overnight power you see.

Mary G Lamarche @g_lamarche

Replying to @gay_lumberjack

trans are so well backed: “Big pharma, big hospital systems, surgical centers & doctors to gain huge profits. Lupron is $775/month = $27,000 at 5 years. a pseudo-vagina is $25-30K, a pseudo-penis can easily cost $30-40k & take multiple surgeries to complete” Dr. M. Laidlaw

Storm @stormrobinson

Gay rights was a fight for tolerance and equal opportunity.

Trans rights is a fight for free drugs, cosmetic surgery, modified language, the rejection of material reality, and the affirmation of lies, insecurities, and vanity.

We’re not the same.


Paul Embery @PaulEmbery

How did the ‘T’ ever become appended to the ‘LGB’? It seems completely incongruous - different causes, different demands, different objectives. It’s a bit like, say, animal rights activists hitching their wagon to the campaign for assisted suicide. It really makes no sense.

ᴀᴊ @ajlieshere

Gay is same-sex attracted. Being outnumbered by entitled straights telling us what’s what from within our own house, like we’re visitors, doesn’t change that.

minimalist1969 @minimalist2021

Replying to @ajlieshere

I mean what other minority population allows non members to “identify” into its membership and then boss the actual members around? Blacks? Latinos, Jews? Hell no. But women and gays are just supposed to take it because “intersectional oppression” something something.

HeterodorxPodcast @heterodorx

A “gender non-conforming child” can only exist in a social context with strict and narrow gender norms.

If those norms were not strict, then a wide variety of behavior would be considered normal and unworthy of being labelled as “gender non-conforming.”

Gewooneenvrouw @gewooneenvrouw

Replying to @heterodorx

I was a gender non-conforming girl, luckily no one cared, no internet to speak of yet and no gender ideology. I’m 6.1 ft tall, athletic build, introverted. Only problem no clothes in my size. Still a problem btw. Puberty was difficult because it was puberty, it’s supposed to be.

Jennifer Gingrich @fem_mb

I am politically on the left.

Gender ideology is a misogynist movement embraced by men who love the opportunity it gives them to turn back women’s rights while appearing progressive, and ignorant women who think it’s ‘kind’ to put men’s feelings before women’s rights.

Mac @OptimistiCynic

Replying to @fem_mb

Not only that but because I’m on the left I think the same things. This ideology raises all the same issues of appropriation, colonisation, pseudoscience and authoritarianism that liberals rightly reject in other instances. They’re not being consistent with their own values.

Mike Haubrich @malegauze

Replying to @fem_mb

It’s made worse by the fact that so many left-leaning science communicators insist there is a scientific basis for it.

Conservatives see that and distrust “trust the science” on other important issues such as global warming and vaccination.

Jeremy Shaw, MD @JeremyShawMD

The biggest medical scandal of the century would be the sterilization and mutilation of children via Gender Affirming Care +/- Sex Reassignment Surgery. The history books would not be kind.

Gewooneenvrouw @gewooneenvrouw

Replying to @JeremyShawMD

Remember One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Films like that will be made again.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Kate Harris and I founded LGB Alliance because of “No Debate”. Because same-sex attraction is real, and we were forbidden to talk about it. We do need debate. Which doesn’t mean debating anyone’s “existence”. It’s about how we all inhabit this world.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

I have always stood up for vulnerable groups. Young people with gender dysphoria are clearly a vulnerable group. Most are LGB. We all want them to receive good care. In my view that doesn’t mean putting them on a path to sterility, inability to orgasm & countless health problems.

Buck Angel Transsexual @BuckAngel

If you are a trans man taking testosterone does NOT give you the ability to shoot sperm. Just like estrogen does not give trans women the ability to have a period. What is wrong with everyone.

Sall Grover @salltweets

Correctly identifying the biological sex of a person is a necessary evolutionary skill that has been perfected over millennia and is used many times a day by almost every person on the planet, so it seems questionable at best to legislate against that instinct.

Girlforegone @girlforegone

Replying to @salltweets

Well let’s be honest, every animal. You don’t see lions jumping on each other and going “my bad bro, I thought you were a girl”.

The Pubtest @PubtestThe

Replying to @girlforegone and @salltweets

Actually, you do. There ARE Gay Lions.

But no trannie Lions; just Gay or Hetero.

Amy Eileen Hamm @preta_6

Imagine dogs could legally become cats if they said “meow.” Then you ask someone if a dog who said meow is a cat. And they replied: “Yes, by law.”

Wouldn’t that tell you two things?
• They don’t believe the dog is a cat.
• They have acknowledged that the law can enforce a lie.

Jane, Empress of the Known Universe (but not a GP) @blablafishcakes

Are we moving towards a flirtatious coupling of gender ideology and Christianity? Gender-lunacy hopes to steal ‘gravitas’ from religion, while the flailing church is desperate to appropriate some kinky ‘cool’ and social capital from the genderloons? What could possibly go wrong?

Quote Tweet

This Morning @thismorning

‘The fact we’re discovering new ways of understanding gender makes perfect sense for a God who loves variety’.

Believed to be the UK’s first non-binary priest, Bingo Allison speaks about their journey.

Arté @varindeus

My favourite verse is the one where God created people but put them in the wrong bodies and told them they’d have to drug children and remove their body parts if they played with the wrong toys.

KC Miller @KCMiller1225

I was a sexually abused child that wanted to protect myself from further abuse. I was gay and didn’t want to be.

Instead of offering me help, I got drugs, surgery and false promises that this would “fix” me.

Lola @thefempire50

Imagine if a white person identified as another race and used all the gross stereotypes of that race as proof that they are actually that race.

Jon Pike @runthinkwrite

If someone is ‘born in the wrong body’, who made the mistake?

Eva Kurilova @eva_kurilova

Anyone who talks seriously about lesbians with penises is the pawn of a cult.

Taylor Silverman @tmsilverman

Telling lesbians they are transphobic for not wanting to date males is actual homophobia. Let lesbians be lesbians.

Your Surrealist Nightmare @societycrywolf

These people hate that there are individual gays and lesbians who can actually think for themselves and not want to be dragged along with everything this LGBTQIA+ community is trying to force on to everyone else. You’re an authoritarian movement trying to police people’s speech.

RadFemCat @RadFemCat2

Asked my 14 year old whether he uses wrong (chosen) pronouns with the ‘trans’ kids at his school. He said ‘I just don’t talk to them mum it’s not worth it. XX is just the sort of person to tell the head if you got it wrong’. So that’s what’s happening.

Bob Withers @BobWithers52

How can treatment for something that isn’t a medical condition (gender incongruence) ever be ‘medically necessary’ (#WPATH SoC8)?

femmehonnete @femmehonnete1

There’s no need to justify a position on excluding trans identified males from women’s spaces and institutions. No need to paint them as good or bad. It’s simply that they are not women. #NoToSelfID

Pythos @Pythos1

For those calling genital preference “transphobic” and hateful. You all understand that a lot of people couple up for the purpose of procreation right?

Amy Holden BSc (hons) Psych. MBPS. @amyworldalive

Gender ideology belongs in schools as much as scientology does.

Andrew Smith @AndrewSmithClub

Concede nothing to gender ideology. “Gender affirmation care” is experimental root and branch. It’s fundamentally malpractice. There’s no such thing as “accepted practices” or standards for irreversible surgery on perfectly healthy reproductive organs.

EtienneNavarre @EtienneTheWolf

If being Trans is neither a mental health issue nor a physical illness, why does it require treatment with lifelong medication & surgery? If it is purely for cosmetic/aesthetic reasons (as it doesn’t actually change your sex), why should it be funded by the overstretched NHS?

Moxi @MaliciousMoxie

In the year 2050 we’ll have a ton of straight men with boob jobs and lesbian women with scars.

Luke @TheHippOCryptic

Can the future adult versions of the children being persuaded to undergo surgery and/or take puberty blockers sue the medical professionals if they change their mind? It would seem fair.

Seerut K. Chawla @seerutkchawla

No, your feelings are not “valid.”

• Feelings are often irrational.
• Emotions don’t always reflect reality.
• If your feelings are always “valid” then why bother examining them or yourself?
• Instead of labelling them “valid” & demanding others agree: learn to manage them.

Val @vdmterf

I am pro choice, I am firmly on the left politically, I am anti death penalty, I support equal rights for all. Despite this, because of genuine and well founded concerns about the harms caused by gender ideology I, and others like me, are deemed to be far right. Just more gaslighting.

Bev Jackson @BevJacksonAuth

Many women and LGB people who assert their rights protect themselves - to avoid being fired or exposing themselves and their families to intolerable abuse. Few are able to state their views openly under their real name, as I can. But do come out if it’s possible. We will prevail!

Thomas Stones @TommyStones1

When JK Rowling trends I’m reminded that there is an entire generation that didn’t hear the word NO often enough growing up, and now that Joanne has said NO to them, their reaction going forward is to throw a tantrum (often mantrum) at the mere mention of her name. Spoiled brats.

Moxi @MaliciousMoxie

People need to focus less on their identity and work on their skills. Skills help create our sense of identity, not the other way around. How are you going to learn a skill that can benefit you in life if you’re so wrapped up in “I identify as a potato & that makes me unique”.

Moxi @MaliciousMoxie

Replying to @MaliciousMoxie

I worry so much for these “trans kids” that spend a majority of their time hyper focused on their “trans identity” rather than building up skills that can benefit them financially, emotionally, and intellectually. Once they “finish” transitioning, they’re going to be behind.

Moxi @MaliciousMoxie

… and to think that a child goes through all of that just to be misgendered anyway and to have an emotional crisis, because their parents deliberately LIED to them and told them the world would go along with it.

TabbyTail @TabithaTail

Replying to @MaliciousMoxie

Identifying as anything is a trap - whether it is a gender, a personality type, a job role or a political position. Too much energy is sapped either wondering if one fits, or twisting oneself to fit. Better to accept oneself as one is and get on with living.

Seerut K. Chawla @seerutkchawla

An important part of maturing emotionally is realising that the world does not, in fact, revolve around you.

Kelley @KelleyDeVries

Replying to @seerutkchawla

…and it’s not the world’s responsibility to be sensitive to your triggers. It’s yours. It’s your responsibility to use your coping skills to move forward in life to cope healthy and live healthy mentally and physically, holistically.